Oh great, here he goes again!

I know, it's unlike me to be stopped by the police... This time, I had actually not done anything wrong!

Anyway, what happened? PC 22366 Freeman's damaged ego happened.

The video can be found here: CLICK HERE

PC Freeman's statement: CLICK HERE

Court Transcript: CLICK HERE

Letter From CPS Regarding Missing CCTV Footage: CLICK HERE

Awesome, 13 minutes of my life I'm never getting back...

This is the full details of what happened in relation to this incident. On the 24th July 2015, I was driving south on the M3. I changed between lane 1 and lane 2, you know, as you should when the road is clear. Meanwhile, a marked police car was hogging lane 3. I was only doing 65mph and I was catching the police car. As I approached junction 13, I decided to take it to access the A33 (The Avenue). From lane 1, I entered lane 2 to pass a BMW and an Artic. I did this at the point that the M3 splits into 4 lanes. As I've come to overtake the BMW, he has started to move into lane 2. I've decided to move into lane 3, opposed to letting the BMW hit me or slamming on the anchors that the car behind me could have made love to my tail pipe.

At this point, I didn't realise that PC Freeman in the marked police car slowed down to 46mph in the OUTSIDE lane, despite the road being clear. I didn't know if the BMW had missed the junction or was just being a typical BMW driver (a cunt), so I moved across in front of the police car. I saw him there but I didn't understand how he was so far behind me after being in front of me. It's only when I saw his video that I saw that he had slowed down to 46mph. He indicated for me to pull over, so I did. I was thinking he saw what happened with the BMW and was gonna comfort me, even offer a quickie in the back of his car. Alas, it was not to be. Apparently, he was just low on his quota for that month.

His first question was...well, it was a request. "I'd like you to tell me what you think you did wrong". In his statement, he says "I explained to the driver the reason why I had stopped him," Yes Mr Plod, let me incriminate myself. That'll make your quota a damn easy one, eh? Obviously, I didn't answer that. Not just to not incriminate myself, but because I didn't realise I had done anything wrong by avoiding a collision. We spoke, I tried to explain what I did but he wouldn't accept anything I said. He was sure that I just undertook him and had no reason to. He did say "Granted, I didn't see" when I told him he couldn't see what happened. But he somehow, magically saw what happened when it came to writing the statement and giving evidence.

I did, however, drop a hint that I knew he was going excessively slow, to which he lost his temper and said: "Do you want to argue because we can deal with it by way of court". Of course, I accepted his lovely generous offer. He asked me if I have any ID on me and I told him no. He said by law, that I am required to carry ID on me at all times. Yeah, I miss Nazi Germany too! I told him not to lie to me, and this just upset him. Soz buddy, I'm not an easy target. He then went on to say, under the Road Traffic Act that I am required to carry my driving license and certificate of insurance. What he neglected to say was the part where if I don't have it on me, I have 7 days to produce it and he can give a producer for me to do so. I told him that he didn't say driving license, he said ID, which he ignored. He also did not give me a producer. Clearly acting like a bully-boy.

Freeman carried on, saying that he is reporting me for careless and inconsiderate driving. I informed him that driving 60mph in the outside lane is careless and inconsiderate and that lane hogging is an offence. This provoked him further. What do I care? He has blatantly lied to me and pulled me over for no reason. I had no issue with putting the dickhead in his place.

After Freeman's tantrum, he asked for my name, address, etc. Despite his statement and evidence in court, my video shows that I gave him my details without any hassle despite the lie in his statement: "I asked the male to identify himself to me; initially the driver refused to disclose his details and stated that he was not legally obliged to. I pointed out that I had made a legal requirement and only after warning the male that he may face arrest if he continued to refuse, the driver provided the details". I did not refuse to give my details, nor did he ever threaten me with arrest. He goes on to say I was obstructive and refused to provide my details for ethnicity, phone number, occupation and to sign the slip. It is not a legal requirement to provide any of those details, and I simply said "prefer not to disclose"

Greeeaaat, another person complaining about the police...

The majority of Freeman's statement was lie after lie. In addition to the above, he also says in his statement: "I was travelling South on the M3 Motorway approaching Junction 14 towards Southampton." He corrected this later by saying it was junction 13 in another statement. If there were any mistakes in the previous one, he had the opportunity here to correct anything that wasn't true or correct in the first one. This is where mistakes could be forgiven. Unfortunately, for him, he does not make any further changes.
His statement further says: "The weather at the time of the incident was raining, with spray from vehicles using the motorway, visibility was moderate and the sky was overcast. The road conditions were wet, with occasional patches of standing water." - It was not raining, rather spitting. There was no spray and the road surface was damp but there was no standing water. You can see on the video, wipers of the police car come on every now and then, indicating that it was indeed, only spitting.

An interesting point is where he says "The traffic conditions were first, light on arriving at the junction then becoming moderate" As the video shows, the traffic was absolutely light.
One of the most important parts is this: "...in front of me was a Silver Renault Megane" In court, he also says the same. He was absolutely adamant that I was in front of him...In the video, he is heard clearly stating "OK, you're behind me at this point". You cannot see me on his display either, which confirms I was not in front of him. Still, I don't understand why he said I was in front of him, as I couldn't possibly undertake him if I was already in front!
In evidence in court, he said the following:
- "I became aware of the Renault Megane, directly in front of me." "On the approach to the junction, the vehicle moved from what was effectively lane 4, to lane 2 and then into the filter lane, which would be the filter lane" In the video, it
- "Effectively, the vehicle moved left into one lane, paused for a second and then moved left again into the next lane"
- "It then accelerated and undertook a BMW that was to the Megane’s right. Then about 50m before the solid white line where the junction splits, the Renault Megane pulled back in from of the BMW he undertook" This completely contradicts the video. Only one can be right...

So, PC Freeman is a liar and you opted for court? Surely it would have been dropped after the CPS reviewed the tape?

See, you would think so, but there was one major issue, the missing CCTV!

The court hearing was adjourned in January at the request of the prosecution. They didn't give a reason why but they actually did me a favour...I completely forgot about it and would have missed it!
The CPS then requested for the case to be adjourned, again because PC Freeman had a police motorcycle course, which only happens twice a year. The CPS should have done these checks prior to booking the day, and so we opposed it and the trial date was upheld. On the day, we asked the prosecution to see the video the police officer mentions in his statement, the one he showed me in the car. The officer said at the time that it was lost, so we requested an adjournment. We caused PC Freeman to miss his motorcycle course and then adjourned it anyway. Serves the dickhead right for lying!

The CPS replied to our request for info on the CCTV which can be found CLICK HERE. So, this confirms that the video was deleted prior to the first disk failure, but after PC Freeman looked for it in December. The retention guidelines are 12 months, yet the files were deleted before even 5 months has passed. I strongly believe PC Freeman deleted the DVD, knowing that he had lied in his statement and that without it, a conviction would be almost guaranteed. What he did not expect, was me to have recorded the interaction. It's lucky I did really! I would be interested in seeing the server logs, to see who logged in. They also have no backup process because it's a RAID setup. Idiots.

So, the tape is gone, you recorded one on your phone, the CPS should still drop it once they have seen yours...

Again, that's what I thought. I was expecting it to be dropped as there was no 'evidence' other than his statement and oral evidence he could give. There was no statement from this 'mysterious BMW driver'. Anyway, it was adjourned in June due to lack of court time. It was adjourned again in October due to the same reason. 8 hours of trials in the morning alone. The court system is pretty fucking shit in terms of this, but it encourages people to just plead guilty to get it over with.

Ok, so now you're moaning for the sake of moaning!

Fine, on the 25th November, it went ahead!

PC Freeman turned up dead on 10am, the Magistrates came in and the prosecutor asked for 15 minutes to give the officer time to read his statement and prepare for the trial. The Magistrates were not happy saying:
"The officer has known for how long he is coming today? Could he have not read his statement last night? This morning? When he’s having breakfast? I see this thing all the time, I find it very frustrating, that these sorts of things are not sorted. It really is quite exasperating."

We went back in 15 minutes later and the onslaught started. The prosecutor seemed like she knew she didn't have a chance. Asking very basic questions, not really covering his statement but rather just the very limited parts of what the officer claimed happened.

It was then the turn of my solicitor. Now, as far as getting his ass handed to him, this is probably the worst PC Freeman has ever encountered. I was taking notes of what was being said the whole time and managed to fill in the blanks from memory. You can find the transcript CLICK HERE

The most relevant parts, to save you reading, were the following: PC Freeman clearly had no idea what I was charged with and was just fucking winging it. How professional. Absolutely convincing to the Magistrates...

PC Freeman explains that the BMW doesn't make any indication and any reasonable driver would have pulled over giving those circumstances. On his footage, you would have seen the BMW pass to his right, if he was telling the truth. Again, further reason to have the footage disappear.

It would seem that PC Freeman isn't a very good liar. He started by saying that he doesn't do things that way (attempting to get people to self-incriminate) and then admits that the question is a loaded one. I could barely hold back the laughter.

I'd say that was pretty brutal by my solicitor!
He was absolutely right. PC Freeman got all pissy as soon as I challenged his bullshit.

The submission of no case to answer was upheld by the magistrates based on one simple legal argument:
Section 3ZA of the Road Traffic Act states: "A person is to be regarded as driving without reasonable consideration for other persons only if those persons are inconvenienced by his driving."
As no one was inconvenienced, there was no case, therefore, the magistrates threw it out, without me even taking the stand. I know a win is a win, but I was still disappointed that I couldn't take the stand and make PC Freeman look even more of an idiot than he already made himself look.

So, what now?

I advise to always record interactions with the police. Without my recording, I would have almost certainly have been found guilty. I will be submitting the video, along with his statements to the IPCC. Making mistakes is one thing, but lying and the lies being so obvious, his boss cannot defend his actions. It's officers like this that should not be working within the public services. He is a bully and a liar. I do wonder, how many of his other cases have been affected by him destroying evidence and lying. It's concerning.

Always challenge the police if you feel they are talking shit, see my other video's, they often are. They don't have radar eyes, they don't have x-ray vision, they are human, like everyone else. If you feel that you have been stopped unfairly or the ticket isn't fair, challenge it. Speak to a solicitor, ask on the pepipoo forum. (careful, a few of them are utter cunts, such as 'southpaw82'. He doesn't seem to listen and asks the same question then acts like a dickhead when you take him down a peg.)

What the heck is this?

Other than me bitching about Asda staff and Sussex Police?... Well, that pretty much covers it.

Do you use printable vouchers in supermarkets? Maybe you wanted to but weren't sure about the training and response from the staff? Have you been wondering how the police distribute the taxpayer's money and why there's never anyone available to deal with your case in good time, despite you paying more and more Council Tax each year? This article outlines the issues I have encountered, all in one evening.

You can view the videos now with the links on the right or as you scroll, they are embedded for you to watch when the relevant points come up.
Nothing in this article is fictitious. As hard as some of it may be to believe, it's all true.

What is the Asda Price Guarantee?

A full explanation of the Asda Price Guarantee (APG) scam scheme can be found on their website. In short, they 'promise' to be at 10% cheaper than Tesco, Morrison's, Sainsbury's and Waitrose. If they are not, they give you the difference back in a voucher.

This is in hope that you don't use the voucher, but they can still advertise as the cheapest. Realistically, if they really DID care about you (the consumer) saving money, they would just lower their prices and keep them low. None of these 'multi-buy' promotions, none of these 'promising to be cheaper' promotions.
Who is going to get a printer, ink, paper and even a computer for a 1p voucher?... I've had a few of those.

Sure, that sounds great! BUT, and a very big but, they are absolutely useless when it comes to comparing products. Good luck with their call centre if you ever have an issue. I'm all for talking to those girlfriend-shooting, Australian sounding people, but those kaffa's are no better than Indian call centres. They still read from a script and get oh so confused if you ask them something that isn't on their script.

What Happened?

I'm not giving money saving advice here...I'm writing this in hope that it gets some sort of attention so that those pencil pushing morons at Asda Head Office, who have never worked in a store, make sure their underpaid Asda staff are trained NOT to treat those who use coupons as criminals.

On Friday the 17th of July 2015, I went into the Asda store in Ferring. I was simply shopping, I wasn't intending to shoplift but living the 'Y.O.L.O lifestyle' that I do, who knew what could happen. I bought some crap from the 'entertainment desk' at the back of the store, with vouchers, then I went around the store looking for more crap I didn't need. I did notice a guy in a white shirt following me. I thought he was attracted to me...I was wrong. I started to pick up random items and put them back minutes later (in the correct place, what sort of monster do you think I am?!) to see how long he would keep following me. He eventually went away. He came back, trying to be inconspicuous but alas, he was about as subtle as a black guy at a KKK meeting. I picked up what I really wanted and then bolted for the doors as quickly as I could proceeded to the checkout.

Oh please, tell me more...Your story is as interesting as the insides of my eyelids.

I paid for the first shop and proof can be found HERE. As the woman was scanning the second shop, the man that was following me (I think his name was Joe) and a woman who I'm guessing was a supervisor/manager. It's hard to tell the staff apart in Asda, they are all as useless and drone-like as each other. The woman manager took my vouchers off of the checkout lady and examined them more thoroughly than a gynaecologist does to a...yes, well, they made a massive fuss about how they weren't in perfect condition. Boo fucking hoo. It's not a 500-year-old china doll! They wouldn't decline me using a £10 note if it was screwed up previously.

Here's a picture of my buddy, Joe HERE. Oh, look what he's holding, my vouchers and receipts.

Instead of me explaining the full events, watch the video here: (I say video, it's an audio clip with subtitles).

Click Here For The Audio Clip Recording (on YouTube) of The Store Interaction

For the sake of full disclosure, the clip has been cut down as it was quite long. The audio has been cleared up also to make it clearer as there was quite a lot of background noise.

The video speaks for itself. Considering how idiotic and arrogant these two were, I stayed calm and polite the whole time.

At 3 Minutes and 36 Seconds, you hear my buddy Joe say "No shopping goes". He was talking in regards to what I had already paid for as I had some in my trolley. Now, nothing gets between me and my excessive amounts, almost alarming amounts of body wash so, I decided just to leave and contact Asda later. I couldn't be bothered to stand there and get nowhere with regards to the return of my vouchers and receipts, and the law which, he clearly had no knowledge or education in. The only education establishment he seems to have gone to would appear to be 'The School of How To Be A Massive C**t'.

As I walked towards the exit, they threatened to call the police if I took my shopping with me. I paid for it so, of course, I was going to take it. In what world must they be living if they think anyone would buy £80 worth of stuff and hand it straight back without a refund??? G.I.NGER Joe grabbed my arm and tried to stop me. I was able to pull myself away from him, but that didn't stop him going for me again, twice. I warned him not to touch me otherwise I'd be forced to defend myself. I thought this was fair of me...plus I didn't want to be arrested for hitting someone with glasses. (a shovel would be a better choice but Asda didn't have any). In Joe's statement to the police, he said that I threatened to hit him if he followed me (and that I was aggressive the whole time). Well, you can hear the video that I was not aggressive at all. If anything, I've impressed myself by how calm I was. I put is mostly down to being tired and wanting to go home. I was simply defensive about my right to innocence until proven guilty. Now, if Mr G.I. had known the law, even a little, or perhaps history, he would know it is my right to the presumption of innocence (Thanks, King Richard III). The Hero of Asda then tried to stop me from leaving when I was in my car. With total disregard for him standing behind my car, blocking me in I went forward instead. The plan by Joe wasn't very well thought out. Perhaps his mother should have swallowed him. Fortunate for him, I understand that Asda staff, which includes their 'in-house security' (who do not require an SIA badge or training) have the highest qualification possible, a first class honours degrees incompetence. Private firm security guards aren't much better, however.

So, you escaped the brute, well done you. Now for some tea and scones to reflect on your adventurous day...

I was a little shook up after what happened (Yes, some things do get to me, mostly human stupidity and incompetence of jumped up jobsworths), I had to pull over. While stopped, a police car pulled up behind me. Surprise, surprise, they had a report of 'shoplifting' from Asda. This sounds like something an ex-partner would do in revenge for dumping them. It amounts to patheticness.

I had just escaped some of the biggest morons I have ever met, only to run into even bigger ones, courtesy of Sussex Constabulary. The video can be seen below. Again, I have edited down the full video because it was around 10 minutes long and mostly we stood around waiting for the cops to say something stupid. It didn't take long...

Click Here For The Video Recording (on YouTube) of The Police Interaction

In summary, the woman was wrecking my car while she trampled through it looking for...well she didn't actually know what she was looking for. I told her what she was actually supposed to be looking for, two bottles of dove body wash. This amounted to the grand total... £3.33. I showed the officers the receipts to support that I paid for the shopping but this wasn't enough, she kept going through my car and while she manhandled it, she broke some things for good measure. As time went on, the likelihood of us getting arrested increased with the female cop making comments like "I think they are drug dealers" when she found my gym diary. Of course, the sarcastic comments such as "KG means Kilo-Gram" were aimed at the silly bint.

Along came CB702 Bradshaw, a whole new definition to 'special'. A very close resemblance to David Cameron... That's no excuse for being a c**t however, is it?

They found nothing and to justify sending 5 officers, 3 cars and a poochie after us, they just arrested us. With 5 officers, they could have gone through the receipts between all of them and have been done in less than 30 seconds. 3 receipts per officer. It's this sort of policing gives the impression that the poochie was the most intelligent one of the lot! On a Friday night, if they have that many spare officers, perhaps they should assign them to other roles. They showed no interest in looking at the receipts. I hate teaching people how to suck eggs but, isn't 'intelligence gathering' part of their job? They knew I have proof that I paid yet they arrested me anyway hoping that they would find something else. Of course, they didn't unless you count an unpaid parking ticket justification for this. I still haven't paid it, but nobody tells Bradshaw.

Obviously, you didn't steal anything. Home time? It is getting late.

There are two types of people in this world, those willing to listen and those who are in authority positions. With that said, we were placed and put into a police car. I managed to get my phone out of my pocket to inform people I may need a solicitor. Unfortunately, Bradshaw saw this and took my phone off of me. What a buzzkill.
I informed our Prime Minister that the arrest is unjust and an abuse of power. Of course, this didn't help things but pushing people's buttons is something I'm good at. Apparently, that extends to these so-called 'professional officers' too. I told him that I wish to speak to my solicitor only to be told, by Bradshaw, "only guilty people ask for a solicitor". Richard the III was probably turning in his grave at that point!
Bradshaw made it quite obvious that he wasn't an honest officer nor was he interested in seeking the truth and justice. His ego was upset because I refused to tell him my friend's details or cooperate with him at all when he turned up. I had already explained myself to the other officers and repeating myself isn't something I do for those who are unwilling to listen. Bradshaw was only hearing what he wanted to. A good example is my address. I told him where my car was registered and he told the Custody Sergeant that I claimed that to be my address. I called him out for his lies and he got rather aggravated. Poor chap, he was really quite aggressive with some of the things he said. Mostly threats such as seizing my property and arresting me because I 'look dodgy', all because I refused to answer his questions without my solicitor present.
It's worth mentioning that he is a gixxer rider (GSXR) and that explains him being, like his bike, extremely temperamental and likely to break down.
When we arrived at the station, they consulted each other, undecided what they have arrested us for. "I assume shoplifting," said Bradshaw, I told them "Whatever you can try and falsely pin on me".
Well, into the holding cell with me for that comment... Bradshaw is quite sensitive when it comes to being shown up. When I finally got into the custody suite, it was almost 12 am on the 18th yet we were arrested at about 9:30 pm on the 17th. Efficiency isn't one of the police forces strong points.

I was taken to my room for the night. It wasn't bad. Plane walls so I couldn't count the bricks, had a book so had the chance to catch up on some early-post-communist-Russia. Interesting fact... Did you know, during the 90's and even now, a lot of Russian's felt that under communism, they were better off. Although their lives sucked, at least they sucked equally but had what they needed. I asked for food, water and toilet paper as my luxury room had none. Well, I've never held a shit in for that long before! I had to wait until I got to a McDonald's after being released. I got water about an hour later and wasn't given any more until I left. I wasn't given food until I was about to be released. I should probably be thankful for that considering the lack of toiletries. I guess they forgot that they have a duty of care. I know, it's an easy thing to forget. (more people died in police custody than in RTC's between April 2014 and April 2015).
I kept asking when I would be interviewed. The intercom must be answered by the police, this is a health and safety thing. If you really are innocent, keep pressing it. They get really annoyed really quickly, believe me.

At least you had a warm bed for the night...

I appreciated the free accommodation, but I like to go a little more upmarket when I stay out of town. The drunken yob in the cell next to me kept me up with his screaming for a good couple of hours and the lights are never turned off. No curtains either meant a 6 am wake up call by beaming sunlight.
I was finally allowed to call someone. Cabin fever was starting to set in and this was just the news I needed. They invited me to the desk after a brief consultation with my solicitor. Despite me asking to speak to him the night before...they denied that request. The woman at the desk asked me for the number I wish to call. I asked her to Google the number for the local Domino's Pizza. She looked slightly confused and said, "You cannot order pizza to the police station". I asked why not and they said because I'm under arrest. I questioned this by saying "So, while arrested, I'm not allowed to eat at all?" and of course, I was promised food after explaining that I had still not been offered food or given food when I requested. This didn't happen for a few more hours.
When I asked why it has taken over 15 hours to be ready to interview me, I was told the 'investigation team' doesn't work at night. Great, my council tax pays for part-timers now does it? They could spare 5 officers, 3 cars and a dog to stand around with me at the roadside but there was no one to deal with the case until 8am the next morning. I suppose now that they had the time to go through all the evidence, they would conduct a brief and straightforward interview...WRONG!

Well, interview time with CH376 Hendey. Before the interview, I was shown a 3-second clip of me picking up my shopping and walking away from the checkout.
I laughed to myself thinking 'That's as devious as it gets'. What did they do? Hendey construed the video to make it look like I walk I took the items without paying, he cut out the bit where I paid, the bit where the security guard assaulted me, he cut everything down so it looks like I stole the items. Oh, Hendey, you devious little sod.
During the interview, he kept trying to trip me up and kept asking irrelevant questions about vouchers, Tesco, what I was doing there, etc. I answered "that's irrelevant, no comment" to most of them.
I did, however, explain that the receipt will prove my innocence but for the past 16 hours, they had been too busy, sitting on their fucking asses, conspiring over who to screw next.
Hendey claimed that there were too many receipts to go through. He had less than 15 receipts to look at from Asda. I could have found it in 30 seconds... but that would have been too easy.
Hendey really didn't seem to know what was going on and really showed how botched the 'investigation' was. Around 30 minutes later, I was released with No Further Action. They had checked the receipt that proved I paid for the things they claimed I stole. If they had done that 16 hours ago, this whole process would have been completely avoidable. Well, Bradshaw, I hope you're proud of wasting everyone's time and the taxpayer's money because, what you refused to do, Hendey eventually did (granted, Hendey took his sweet time too)! My property was returned minus a load of receipts and vouchers from my car. I have asked for them back as I've run out of Asda receipts to lick.

Oh, they let you out? We didn't even notice you were missing.

I had to get a train to get my car as they took it to another police station because taking it to the one I was being taken too would have been too straightforward. Thankfully, the Constabulary paid for this, or should I say, the taxpayer. I'll have to remind myself to thank me for that... Needless to say, we went First Class. There were no toilets on this train. At this point, I'm having to push it back up.

We arrived at the other police station where I was reunited with my car. I noticed that there was a crack in the rear light. I took the opportunity to check the vehicle over before I left. Guess what, the car looked like it had been crashed. I didn't give these cowboys permission to joyride in my car; it should have been towed to the police station.

Now, I generally take care of my things. I tend to polish my vehicles more than I polish my penis, and I polish my penis a lot. It was unlikely that anyone would not notice all this damage.
I had to endure a journey home smelling pretty damn bad. It was hot outside and the walk from the train station to the car didn't help; it was like someone threw mustard gas into my car! Turning right is now so easy, the car wants to turn that way constantly thanks to the careful driver.

That about concludes this. I'm not the first person for this to happen to and I'm sure I won't be the last. Regardless of whether or not I was guilty of anything, I shouldn't have instantly been treated guilty. Allegations are not always true and in this case, I proved this. I am also going to prove that Joe, the security guard, perverted the course of justice by lying in his statement. I will see that action is taken against him.
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